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{{infobox character | name =Toshiki Murakami| image = File:Toshio.jpg| imagewidth = 250px| caption = Toshiki Murakami| title = Toshiki Murakami| gender = Male| race = Robot| health = Good| level = Everybody he knows| status = Night (Some time in the series)| location = ???

. He runs into Riiko and Night before they get on the Ferris Wheel, and hands Riiko an ice pack because she twisted her ankle. His brother, Yuki, feels sick, and as repayment for helping Riiko, Night takes Yuki to the restroom. Toshiki kisses Riiko when they are alone in the Ferris Wheel together, after admitting she was his crush in elementary school. After The kiss in the Ferris Wheel, he appears at the hotel Riiko and Night decided to stay at, invites her to his room, knocks her out, and then says he had fun with her that night. Next he appears at her school and claims they are now lovers (which isn't true, he never slept with her at the hotel).
He turns out to not be the real Toshiki, but an imposter. His real name is Toshiki Shirasaki and he is the Nightly 02 series. He is sent to seduce Riiko because Night failed to sleep with her. He carries a high resemblance to Night in facial features, body structure, and even wears the same jewelry, although he is much stronger and has better reflexes than him.
After a confrontation with Night in Riiko's apartment, in which Night rips off his arm, Toshiki is shut down by Yuki and taken away for testing and reprogramming.