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Satori Miyabi
Vital statistics
Title Satori
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Health Alive
Allies Riiko, Night, Soshi
Enimies Mika
Location Japan

Satori Miyabi is a minor character in Absolute Boyfirend but, she is still quite important! She helped Riiko Find a job and she also warned her about Mika's plans. Without her the story would just not be the same.

One day, as she is passing Riiko in the hall, the accidentally drops her transaction book. Riiko picks it up, telling Miyabi she dropped it, then freaks out when she see's it has 10 million yen written in it. Miyabi tells her she deals in stock trading, and then helps Riiko find a job at a Vietnamese restaurant. Miyabi at one stage 'borrows' Night when he is in his miniature form.