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Riiko Iziawa
Riiko Aziwa
Vital statistics
Title Riiko
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Health Alive
Allies Night, Soshi, Satori
Enimies Mika, Ichizeki
Location Japan

Riiko is Played by: Saki Aibu (drama) / Ku Hye Sun (Taiwanese drama)

Riiko in the manga (no colour)

Riiko is a young, flat-chested (according to Soshi, 28 A-cup) who has bad luck with boys. She is one of the main characters too. When she helps a strange salesman named Gaku, she ends up ordering a cybernetic boyfriend. Though initially shy around her new boyfriend, Riiko begins to fall in love with him, while also finding herself struggling with her new admirer, Soshi Asamoto. Riiko is rather naïve, clumsy, and simple-minded, but kindhearted, hardworking, and serious. She doesn't want to admit she is in love with Night and constantly reminds herself that he is just a figure(a doll). This however, isn't completely true, because she gets jealous, even angry, when he flirts with other girls for "data". She was dating Night Tenjo but then found that Soshi Asamoto liked her too.