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Night Tenjo
Night Tenjo
Vital statistics
Title Night
Gender Male
Race Robot
Enimies Dating
Location Japan

Night Tenjo (天城ナイトTenjō Naito)

Played by: Mokomichi Hayami (drama) / Jiro Wang  (Taiwanese drama)

Night and Riiko

Night (model 01) is a cybernetic robot custom ordered by Riiko from Kronos Heaven Company. Night is charming, dependable, intelligent, athletic, good-looking, sensitive, and completely devoted. At first he is perfect for Riiko because it is in his programming, however as the series progresses, Night develops true emotions and a genuine love for her and has his own will. He is 6' tall as shown on the back of the first volume of the English version.

Knight and Riiko being affectionate.

Being designed to fulfill intimate relations for a woman, Night is loving and very caring. He constantly tries his best to protect and care for Riiko. He also often tries to kiss Riiko, which makes her embarrassed, and is always interrupted by a third party, much to Riiko's relief. Night got hurt by model 02 before and had an experience of repairing and turning to miniature version. He was a robot but he soon got human feelings and knew what love is. Night is Riiko Izawa's ideal boyfriend.