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Mika Itou
Mika Itou
Vital statistics
Title Mika Itou
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Health Good
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Mika Itou (伊藤ミカ Itō Mika) is a friend and classmate of Riiko's. She offers support and reassurance whenever Riiko feels miserable after being rejected by boys that she likes. After being rejected by Ishizeki, Mika is the one to cheer her up. She is considered to be Riiko's best friend. She is very pretty and considered to be very popular by Riiko.

However, later on, it is revealed that she is the reason why boys always reject Riiko after she asks them out. She's been spreading rumors since Junior High that Riiko is slutty and only goes out with boys for their money. It is also revealed that Mika went out with Ishizeki just so Riiko couldn't. Mika later dumps Ishizeki when it appears that Riiko has a new love interest, Night. She states she is only interested in things that belong to other people.

Mika then sets on gaining Night's attention and tries to get him to date her instead. She lies to Night telling him that Riiko is scared of his fanclub and believes it to be too much of a fuss to date him. She confesses to him, telling him that she loves him and tries to kiss him. However, Night rejects her and tells her that he is only interested in Riiko.

In Chapter 9, furious at being rejected, she sets his rather violent fanclub on Riiko. She goes to warn him that his fanclub has found out about his relationship with Riiko and tricks Night as to where the fanclub had taken Riiko. Mika later reveals herself to Riiko as being the one to have told the fanclub about her secret relationship with Night and to have been the reason as to why Riiko hasn't been able to get a boyfriend. She ends her friendship with Riiko and destroys the bracelet that Riiko had given her as a symbol of their friendship in front of her.

Later, Night's fanclub attack Mika as they have been used by her and her classmates, having known the sort of person she is, refuse to help her. In the end, Riiko is the one to save her and returns to her the bracelet (the one Night had repaired) and tells her that she is thankful for having Mika as her best friend, but she and Riiko never regain their friendship.

In Chapter 10, after their friendship was broken off, Riiko sees Mika walking in school, but she looks away and Riiko mentions that "I see... she's made new friends. I should be happy for her."

It is unknown on what happened to Mika as she was never seen, heard or mentioned in the further chapters.