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Gaku Namikiri
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Vital statistics
Title Gaku
Gender Male
Race Japanese
Health Alive
Allies Night, Riiko (sometimes),
Location Japan

§ Gaku Namikiri (ガク·ナミキリGaku Namikiri?)

Played by: Kuranosuke Sasaki (drama)

Gaku is a salesman for Kronos Heaven, a company specializing in making highly realistic robots, or "figures." Though usually businesslike and down-to-earth, Gaku is sometimes mistaken for a cosplayer because of his odd manner of dress. When Riiko cannot return Night nor pay the bill for him, Gaku allows her to keep him so Night can collect data on how to become a better lover for use in future models. Whenever there is a problem with Night, Gaku is the one to fix him. He tends to use Spanish words in conversations, at least in the English version of the manga.

Gaku keeps close tabs on the progress in the relationship between Riiko and Night, and often appears randomly out of nowhere, ie. Riiko's closet, mostly for comic relief. Gaku always suddenly comes to Night or Riiko, and he likes helping Night with his love.

Gaku in Manga (no coloured)