BUREAUCRATS[edit | edit source]


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AB Wiki's first Bureaucrat. Creater of wiki, big help. Active

About Bureaucrats[edit | edit source]

Bureaucrats are the highest tier of AB Wiki users, with the additional ability of being able to change user rights. On AB Wiki, all bureaucrats are also administrators.

Additional Abilities[edit | edit source]

Bureaucrat Tasks[edit | edit source]

Bureaucrats oversee and supervise all requests for user rights, and carry out the community's decision (defined as a two-thirds super-majority at least) in the case of requests for administratorship or requests for bureaucratship.

Bureaucrats also must at their discretion accept or decline user requests for rollback. This is done according to their judgment. However, the wider community can also have input into this decision by asking the requesting user questions about whether they need and deserve rollback.

Becoming a Bureaucrat[edit | edit source]

New bureaucrats can be made through a voting procedure at Requests for Bureaucratship. The candidate should be an experienced and trusted administrator.

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